Construction of Context-Adaptive Evaluation Framework

Construction of Context-Adaptive Evaluation Framework

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Год: 2014
Автор: Duqin Wang
Издательство: Scholars' Press
Описание: This book addresses the construction of context-adaptive evaluation framework with China college English evaluation as an example. Based on the discussion of the nature of language,language learning, and evaluation and assessment,this book proposes realistic evaluation and has contructed a context-adaptive evaluation framework. With reference to CEF, ILR,ALTE,BULAT,CLB, BETS and so on, a four-level five-skill standards scale was created with IRT. Based on the investigation of social requirements for English, the society-adaptive standards scales were constructed with social requirements located. This book can help you better understand CEF and other benchmarks or standards. It will show you most recent paradigm of evaluation and most recent teaching approaches. Besides standards scale and evaluation framework, you might get information concerning testing,instruction and curriculum arrangement at the tertiary level. From this book, you can learn what kind of evaluation is going on in...

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