Educational and Skill Mismatches, IQ & EQ

Educational and Skill Mismatches, IQ & EQ

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Год: 2014
Автор: Ilker Kecetep
Издательство: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Описание: Dear Reader my 5th book named '' Educational and Skill Mismatches , IQ & EQ is consisting of 3 main chapters. The first chapter is about educational and skill mismatches and begins with definition of key concepts, then mentions theories such as Human Capital Theory, models and methods. The second chapter of the book is about IQ & EQ and expresses major emotional intelligence models, criticism of the theoretical foundation of emotional intelligence, developing emotional intelligence, differences between emotional intelligence and cognitive intelligence. The last chapter of the book is about higher education research institutions such as CHER , EAIR and EAIE.

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