Perceptions of Educational Leaders on Student Reading Achievement

Perceptions of Educational Leaders on Student Reading Achievement

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Год: 2014
Автор: Khanh Kim Nguyen-Dufour
Издательство: Scholars' Press
Описание: The ongoing concern of literacy achievement in the United States has spawned costly implementation of national and state reading initiatives at the elementary school level in the past few decades. However, statistics reveal that over a third of elementary students continue to read below grade level. This book examines the Ensuring Literacy For All initiative, a major reading reform effort specific to Louisiana, in order to identify factors that contribute to student reading performance. It also discusses the effects of the perceptions of educational leaders on student achievement and the components of effective leadership that attribute to the success of the initiative’s implementation. The findings of this phenomenological study should illuminate effective leadership practices and beliefs that would transform the way educational reform initiatives are implemented. Principals, curriculum coaches, district supervisors, politicians, and anyone involved in the development of...

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