Spider-Man: Black Cat

Spider-Man: Black Cat

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Год: 2011
Автор: Jen Van Meter, Chris Yost, Joe Kelly
Издательство: Marvel
Описание: It's international intrigue at its sexiest by Jen Van Meter (Hopeless Savages, JSA) and Javier Pulido (Amazing Spider-Man). As Spider-Man is stalked during the Grim Hunt, the world's slyest, smartest and sneakiest jewel thief's latest heist puts the Black Cat face-to-face with the family that has been terrorizing Spidey's dreams and threatening those closest to him! Plus: Spider-Man finally strikes it rich thanks to the Black Cat, but it's one payday he may live to regret. And finally, meet the latest lady in Peter's life: the mayor's new Department of Investigations hire, Ashley Moon.

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