Sustainable agriculture and rural development in Iran

Sustainable agriculture and rural development in Iran

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Год: 2012
Автор: Farhood Golmohammadi
Издательство: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Описание: In this book author present some of the most important issues for accessing to sustainable agriculture and rural development in Iran. For writing this book, author gathered and organized his scientific works and experiences as a faculty member in Iran during 14 years since 1998. In chapter one, author state role of Rural Tele-centers in Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development in Iran: Situations and Problems (Case Study: South Khorasan Province – East of Iran). In chapter two, author state role of Cooperatives and Sustainable community Development in Rural Regions of Iran (With Emphasizing on Poverty Alleviation, Tourism and Entrepreneurship): Situations and Problems. In chapter three, author state role of farm management and importance of barberry in sustainable rural livelihood in desert regions in east of Iran. In chapter four, author state role of Applying Information and Communication Technologies(ICTs) for Entrepreneurship and Empowering of Rural Women. In chapter five,...

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